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Tommy Harwood

Tommy Harwood Reveals Latest Agricultural Production Statistics for California

Farming expert Tommy Harwood outlines the most recent agricultural production statistics and top commodities for California agriculture. Producing more than a third of all vegetables grown in the United States, the state of California’s agricultural industry is today worth close to $50 billion annually. A farming expert and entrepreneur from Humboldt County, California, Tommy Harwood […]

Tommy Harwood

Tommy Harwood discusses Humboldt County’s sustainable cannabis farms

Local entrepreneur and farming expert Tommy Harwood offers a closer look at Humboldt County’s cannabis farms and those striving to keep them sustainable.   With local and state government keen to encourage responsible and less destructive methods of cannabis cultivation in Humboldt County, California, local entrepreneur and farming expert Tommy Harwood takes a closer look […]

Tommy Harwood

Tommy Harwood considers new framework for agricultural supply chain risk management

Farming expert Tommy Harwood considers a new decision-making framework for supply chain risk management in agriculture.   Designed to support supply chain risk management within a circular economy, a new decision-making framework has recently been proposed by experts in agriculture. An entrepreneur and farming expert from Humboldt County, California, Tommy Harwood considers this multi-criteria decision-making […]

Tommy Harwood

Tommy Harwood explores booming organic food market

Farming expert and entrepreneur Tommy Harwood delves into the organic food trend and considers the market’s impact on the environment. The trend for organic food both in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world continues, with sales up more than 50 percent in recent years alone. Soaring demand, however, has led to questions surrounding sustainability […]